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The concept of a shared pedestrian bridge across the Wimmera River was first discussed in around 2007 by the Wimmera River Improvement Committee. Early planning for this led to the development of a preliminary design for a suspension bridge to deliver this goal. In the years that followed, the concept was developed further, leading to Council allocating a sum of $1.2 million in the 2014-15 budget for the project. Funding for the project has been supported by a generous grant from Regional Development Victoria and the Southbank Developer, to build a bridge at Apex Island.


Wangaratta based company J & R Industries was initially awarded the contract for design and construction of a suspension bridge with a central span of 75 m, leaving river users such as rowers unhindered.


The bridge's steel structure was fabricated off-site in Wangaratta and delivered to the site to be installed onto precast reinforced concrete piles and cross-heads that will be constructed on-site. These works were largely completed by J&R Industries prior to it going into voluntary administration in May 2017, including the erection of the towers and installation of the main suspension cables, hanger cables and deck frames.


Council staff, in conjunction with suitably skilled local contractors are currently planning on completing the project.


You will find more information and images of this exciting project in the attached newsletter below. 


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