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FREE service to safely dispose of household paint, batteries and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)

Residents can now benefit from a free, easy-to-use service to safely dispose of household paint, all types of household batteries and CFLs thanks to a new facility that has opened at our Kenny Road Transfer Station (Open 10am-5pm). The facility is part of a network of permanent drop-off sites, which the Victorian Government is expanding from 12 sites to up to 30 sites across the state to improve access for all Victorian householders.

The permanent drop-off site provides householders with a free service that can be accessed throughout the year to safely dispose of household paint, batteries and CFLs without harming human health or the environment.

While the dangers associated with improper disposal of household paint, batteries and CFLs cannot always be seen straight away; these products can pollute the environment for future generations, as well as harm their health. Please do not pour paint down the drain or put these products out with your regular rubbish collection.

Instead, you can reduce hazards in your home and protect the environment by disposing of these products safely and easily throughout the year at the permanent drop-off site.

Click on the following documents which include a Face Sheet on Collection services for household chemicals and targeted products; Information on FREE disposal of household paint, batteries and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs); and Information on Free disposal of highly toxic chemicals. 

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Unsustainable use of resources by society has resulted in the disposal of millions of tonnes of waste into landfills each year. More sustainable ways of managing our resources and natural environments are needed. This can only be achieved if industry, communities and Councils are willing to work together.

Waste avoidance and resource recovery are key strategies for reducing our environmental 'footprint'. The new way of managing waste starts with the idea of avoiding the creation of waste in the first place wherever possible. This approach relies on efficient production processes, product design which minimises material intensity and toxicity, and optimal packaging and its success depends on action at all levels of government, industry and the community.

The matter of waste management is of high importance not only as cost saving measure but also in line with Council's overall objective towards greenhouse gas reduction and resource recovery.  

Horsham Rural City Council provides waste collection services and litter prevention programs to keep our city clean. Help us to look after our precious environment.

We are commitment to the cleanliness of the municipality and the environment in general.

In 2001, Horsham was named Australia's Tidiest Town and the Council aims to maintain this high standard in the city and throughout the municipality.

A clean rural city is important for health and safety reasons and also for our feelings of security, pride and enjoyment of the environment. Council provides and promotes services for a cleaner City, including regular household rubbish collection, rural rubbish collection, recycling, transfer stations and rural landfills.

For more information on Waste Management, contact:

Municipal Depot
Address: Selkirk Dr, Horsham
Phone: (03) 5382 9600

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