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Carparks near Capital Motel, Hamilton St Horsham

Due to recent road pavement failures the on-street parallel carparks near the Capital Motel in Hamilton St will be closed to carry out some remedial works.

The carpark closure will remain in place until further notice.

Enquiries to Council 03 5382 9777


Operations Department

Provided below is a list of projects and associated works that are underway by Horsham Rural City Council staff and contractors in public areas from Friday, 12 January 2018.  These works may change, subject to weather conditions.

Urban Infrastructure

  • Footpath repairs – multiple locations, short term works, signage in place
  • Road pothole repairs – multiple locations, short term works, signage in place
  • Harders St – road widening, part of Southbank stage 1
  • Jenkinson Ave – Kerb channel and road construction stage 3
  • Drainage works – various locations
  • Turning lanes – Kalkee Rd, Children’s Hub
  • Landy St – reconstruction (Olympic to Jackson St)

Parks and Gardens

  • Installation of boating buoys – Toolondo
  • Street tree maintenance
  • City centre – mulching  
  • Merit requests
  • City centre – gardens revamp
  • Police Paddock – water diversion  
  • Tree planting – Hamilton St subdivision
  • Cricket wicket preparation
  • Irrigation maintenance
  • Community garden works

Rural Infrastructure

  • Freight Terminal Rd – Johnson Asashi entrance works
  • Shoulder re-sheet – Old Minyip Rd
  • Rural road pothole repairs – multiple locations, short term works, signage in place
  • Tree removals – Quantong Cemetery Rd, signage in place
  • Stabilising patches – Freight Terminal Rd
  • Damaged culvert replacement – various rural roads
  • Dadswell Bridge/Wonwondah Rd construction

The following Horsham subdivisional streets are being constructed by private developers.  In the near future, they will become accessible to the public:

  • Southbank stage 11 – continuation of McLean Dr and Seater Cl
  • Wimmera Walk subdivision – Hamilton St and MacBain St
  • Colonial Water, stage 4 – Plozzas Rd lots
  • Mackies Rd subdivision – construction of Mackies Rd


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