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Rate Strategy 2017/2018

In 2014, Council undertook a significant review of its Rating Strategy that looked at all aspects of our Rating System and clearly defined the principles and policies. This review involved a number of consultation sessions and submissions from the community and following on from this, Council elected to not increase the municipal charge (the fixed component of the rating system), to increase the farm differential from 10% to 20%, to undertake to review the eligibility for the farm differential, to review the Cultural & Recreational Rate Concessions & Exemptions and to review and develop our rating policies. During 2014-15, Council has further delivered on these by undertaking a detailed review of eligibility for the farm differential for properties below 60 hectares in size, adopted a new policy in relation to Rating of Recreational & Cultural assessments, and is still in the process of developing, reviewing and updating its rates related policies. Council again looked at the Rates Strategy in its budget process for 2017-2018. The Municipal charge was increased by 1.8% to $281 and the Farm Differential reamined at 20%. Council believes that its current strategy provides for equitable and efficient distribution of the rates burden within the community following consideration of the accepted equity principle for property based rates.