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Application for Local Law Permit - Local Laws

Application for Permit to Burn

Local Law Permit Fees

Summary of Common Local Law Enquiries:

Animals/Domestic Birds and Poultry

A permit may be required to keep Animals/Domestic Birds and Poultry depending on the type of animal, size of land and number.

A person in charge of a dog in a public place must carry the means to collect faeces deposited and also dispose of such in an appropriate manner.

Any person in charge of a dog in any built up area unless at a dedicated dog off leash area, must ensure that the animal is secured by a chain, cord or leash.

Trading Activities

Without a permit a person must not display, sell or offer for sale, any vehicle or goods including raffle tickets, on a road or municipal place.

Open air burning / Incinerators

Smoke and ash from open-air burning is becoming less acceptable due to health and amenity concerns and alternatives to burning are encouraged, such as mulching and re-use of wood. In general, open-air burning is discouraged particularly when there are potential impacts on neighbours.

Without a permit obtained from the Horsham Rural City Council, a person must not light an incinerator or burn in the open air in a built up area or within a residential area or in a municipal place..

NOTE:  Permits cannot be issued during a Fire Danger Period declared under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958.  Although a Local Law Permit may be required in some situations, the requirements of the Fire Danger Period and Total Fire Bans must be complied with.

Removal of Wood

Without a permit a person must not collect wood from a Council managed road or a municipal place.

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

Shopping trolleys must not be abandoned on a road or in a municipal place.

Toy Vehicles

Skateboards and the like must not be used in the Horsham Central Business District


Unless otherwise authorised by Council and at premises licensed under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998, a person must not consume any alcohol or have in his or her possession any alcohol in an unsealed container at any time in an area declared by Council to be an alcohol free zone, at any time on a road, at any time in a carpark, in a motor vehicle parked on a road or in a public carpark or between the hours of 11.00 pm and 6.00 am in any municipal place whether or not in a motor vehicle.


Without a permit a person must not camp on a road or municipal place in a tent, caravan, motor vehicle or any other temporary or makeshift structure.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles on a shared footpath or bicycle path must not be operated at a speed of more than 6 km per hour.


Without a permit, fireworks displays or ignition of fireworks on a municipal place, public place and/or within one kilometre of any town boundary is prohibited.

A permit must be applied for at least 14 days before the proposed fireworks display.

Street Parties / Festivals / Circus

A permit must be obtained from Council


A permit must be obtained from Council.

Permit Application/Fees

Please download a Application for Local Law Permit - Local Laws, complete and return to the Council Offices with the appropriate fee.

Fees can be found on the Local Law Permit Fees