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Placing your garbage and recycling bins in the correct position on the street makes them easily accessible for bin collectors. Incorrect placement may lead to your bin being unable to be emptied.

Correct Bin Placement Video 

In the attached video, the BINS in the first example have been placed TOO CLOSE together. Therefore, the hydraulic arm of the rubbish truck pushes the recycling bin further away from the kerb making it difficult for the recycling truck to pick-up.
In the second example, the resident has spaced them perfectly, ensuring the bin has been emptied.
Please remember all BINS have to be placed kerbside BEFORE 6AM on your collection day or the night before. 
To ensure your bins are emptied correctly and on your collection day, you need to:
• Keep a minimum of 50 cm clear between bins.
• Keep bins 1 metre from any obstacle such as parked cars, letter boxes, power poles and street trees.
• Place bins on the kerbside by 6.00am on collection day.
• Place each bin in the right direction, that is, wheels towards the house.
• Be sure your waste is not packed too tightly and keep your bin's weight under 50kg.
• Don't overfill your bin. Make sure the bin lid can close.
• Place the right materials in the right bins. 
Make sure your bins are placed close to the kerb line on the nature strip.

Items that must not be placed in your bin

  • Hot Ashes
  • Unwrapped vacuum dust
  • Any other liquids
  • Syringes & Needles  
  • Timber or other building materials
  • Oil, paint, solvents

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