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The purpose of these overlays is to ensure development on the floodplain does not reduce the floodplain holding capacity or prevent the free passage of water required during times of flood.  

The Horsham Planning Scheme states that a Council permit is required to construct a building or carry out works such as land filling, construction of certain types of fences, construction of a deck and other activities on your property. A more detailed explanation of these activities is included in the table on the back of this letter.

Why is a planning permit required? 

A planning permit is required when there are alterations to the known flood plain. Identification of the extent of the flood plain is based on years of scientific, spatial referencing and ground truthing.  Unidentified changes can have serious implications for emergency agencies in managing any flood situation, compromise the safety of community members and place community assets at risk.  Ultimately any changes to the flood plain seriously reduce our ability to predict where the flood water will flow and its impact during times of emergency.  

Currently there are a number of reviews and enquiries occurring into the 2010 and 2011 floods across Victoria and Australia. Both the Horsham Rural City Council and Wimmera Catchment Management Authority are critically analysing our preparedness, planning and response for future events.

A permit is required under the following conditions:

Permit Required Example
Buildings Where buildings are positioned on the land
Works Any earth moving, either removing or bringing in soil.  Any change to the natural or existing condition or topography of land
Fence A solid panelled fence, such as corrugated iron or wood, which would impede the flow of water or trap debris.  NB: This does not include a post and wire or a post and rail fence.
Roadworks If the completed works change the natural level of the ground
Bicycle Path If the completed works change the natural level of the ground
Public Toilets Example not applicable
Rain Water Tank with capacity greater than 4500 Litres* Example not applicable
Deck Example not applicable
A non-domestic disabled access ramp Example not applicable


































*One water tank of up to 4500 litres would be acceptable, however more than one could create a barrier to the flow of water or trap debris, and as such would require a planning permit.

Floodplain Department
Wimmera Catchment Management Authority   
26 Darlot St 
PO Box 479
Horsham 3402
ph (03) 5382 1544
fax (03) 5382 6076
mob 0429 123 855
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