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What is a Heritage Overlay?

The Heritage Overlay was introduced to conserve valued elements of Horsham’s built environment. Some examples of properties covered by the Heritage Overlay include the Horsham Town Hall, the Horsham Theatre and the White Hart Hotel.

The Heritage Overlay may affect either single properties (individual overlays) or whole streets and localities (precinct overlays).

The stated objectives of the Heritage Overlay include:

  • To conserve and enhance heritage places of natural or cultural significance.
  • To conserve and enhance those elements which contribute to the significance of heritage places.
  • To ensure that development does not adversely affect the significance of heritage places.

A permit is required for most buildings and works at properties affected by the Heritage Overlay. In some rare instances, a permit is required to repaint a building or to internally modify a building.
It is not the intention of the Heritage Overlay to prevent further development or works. The focus of the overlay is to preserve the valued features of a property or precinct. Therefore, in almost all cases, there is scope to further modify and refurbish a property without adversely impacting on these valued features.

For further information on general matters relevant to each property contact the Planning Department or for more detailed information an appointment may be arranged with a heritage advisor. This service is provided free of charge and includes a visit to the property in question, as well as a written summary of the matters discussed at the appointment.

Is a property covered with a Heritage Overlay?
To determine if a property is covered be a heritage overlay you can contact the Planning Department or log onto www.land.vic.gov.au/propertyreports

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