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To provide guidelines to all Planning Permit applications for the use and development of land for a dwelling in the Farming Zone on lots less than 60ha. Applications for permits for dwellings on lots under 60ha should address the matters raised in these guideline. Council will use the guideline to inform its decision making on this matter. It is recognised that a Planning Permit is not required for the use and development of land for a dwelling on lots greater than 60ha. The application of this guideline does not override any specific planning scheme control, covenant or agreement that applies to the land.

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Most land within the Horsham Rural City Council municipal area is within the Farming Zone, although it is recognised that not all land in the Farming Zone is used for agricultural production. Council has a long history of approving development of land in the Farming Zone for dwellings. In offering this support, Council has sought to balance the needs of rural populations and the ongoing use of land for agriculture. In seeking to promote rural populations, Council is required to exercise its discretion with respect to issuing permits for dwellings. In order to ensure consistency in consideration of applications for dwellings on lots under 60ha, Council has prepared the above guideline to guide decision making.