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Water tanks are becoming more popular due to the dry weather experienced over the past years. The higher demand on water supplies has seen the government change the building regulations to include water tanks as part of new 5 star residential energy provisions for developments.
In most cases a building permit is not required as a water tank is not considered to be a building. However if a tank is contained within, on a proposed building or supported by an existing building the following construction requirements should be considered.

  • Water tanks must be placed on a stable level surface.
  • Water tanks must be fitted with an overflow pipe (of the same diameter as the inlet pipe) which must be connected to a stormwater drainage system and lead to a legal point of discharge.
  • Water tanks should not be placed on an easement.
  • Water tanks up to 3.6 metres in height must be setback a minimum of 500mm from a side boundary.
  • Water tanks in excess of 3.6 metres in height will need to be setback a distance greater than 500mm from a side boundary.

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