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Fees for building permits are required as part of the application process under the Building Act. These fees are required to be paid at the time of lodgement of the application. There are also associated fees to accompany the application.

Footpath/Kerb and Channel Bond

Horsham Rural City Council Local Law No. 3, Part 6, Section 6.6 requires that a bond is to be paid, fixed by Council to secure the cost of repair of any damage likely to occur to the road, footpath, kerb and channel, or any other council asset as a result of building work.  This bond may be charged for any new major developments or demolition/removals carried out in the municipality, where there is a constructed footpath and/or kerb and channel.

Upon the issue of an Occupancy Permit/Certificate of Final Inspection, an inspection will be carried out and the bond will be refunded if no damage has been caused.  If damage has been caused, this bond or part thereof will be used to rectify the damage.

A “Prior Damage Report” form must be completed and lodged with Council before any works are undertaken.  

If this report is not received prior to building work commencing, any existing damage will be attributed to the builder and the bond or part thereof retained to offset the cost of rectification.


Building Permit Fees 2017-2018


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