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Governance is the process by which the council ensures its decision making is transparent and accountable and that its operation is democratic and well managed. Horsham Rural City Council has numerous controls in place to provide for good governance and ensure that members of the public can access, understand and participate in council activities.

Horsham Rural City Council is committed to practicing good governance. In the Local Government context, good governance is a combination of democratic (Council) governance and corporate governance.

Horsham Rural City Council is a signatory to the Code of Good Governance that was developed by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) and the Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA). The purpose of the Code is to establish standards and principles for Local Government, which ensure the highest level of governance and community leadership. The Code makes provision for mutual support among Local Governments to ensure the maintenance of those standards and principles.

Council has also adopted a Code of Conduct to complement the Code of Good Governance. The Code of Conduct sets out the statutory obligations on Councillors and staff in relation to their behaviour and conduct. It also describes the ethical behaviour that is expected of Councillors and staff in a range of situations including the appropriate management and use of Council resources.

In relation to corporate governance, Council has processes and controls in place to deliver quality service, to prudently manage resources and to safeguard community assets.

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