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Permit to Burn (for Stubble)

During the fire danger period, under the CFA Act, the above permits are available from the Civic Centre, 18 Roberts Ave, Horsham. Prior to visiting the Council, you can download the form here and fill it in. Applicants are asked to have their property description or rate notice with them. 

Council has a mandate to incorporate sustainability into all operations as a "way of doing business". This means buying smart, upgrading to cleaner fleets, building social capacity, enacting policies that support sustainable best practices, implementing a sustainable economic strategy and protecting the environment. Because Horsham Rural City expects its citizens to lower their energy consumption, it must "walk-the-talk" in its own operations. The Council and its community is taking steps to adapt to climate change. To ensure it is prepared for change, HRCC is focused on making changes to its core infrastructure, including sewers, parks, water utilities and roadways. The Council will assess land-use planning, housing, energy supply and other areas to determine future priorities. Regional projections of the impacts of climate change are not perfect. They are best estimates that will continue to be revised as more research is completed. HRCC is working collaboratively with other levels of government and organisations to make sure that planning reflects current and changing understanding of the science.

Advancing sustainability at the local level requires a great deal of commitment and planning. HRCC has endorsed a Council Plan which supports the underlying principles and strategies for achieving sustainability. The Council Plan incorporates many fundamental elements of sustainability including good governance, civic participation,
equity, and social, environmental and economic viability. We must all integrate environmental stewardship into our daily activities to maintain and improve the health of the environment for present and future generations.
The environment, community and economy in the Rural City of Horsham should be healthy and vibrant and meet the needs of today without compromising the lives and needs of future generations. HRCC will continue to invest in quality of life, socially, economically, culturally and environmentally, to make Horsham Rural City a desirable place to live, work and visit.

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