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The projects that Council staff and contractors will be working on, around 23 December 2016 include the following. (Works may change due to the weather.)



  • Shoulder Re sheet – Scott Heard Lights Road
  • Culvert Replacement – Scott Heard Lights Road
  • Footpath repairs in various locations around Horsham
  • Clean out stormwater pits and measure them in various locations in Horsham
  • Hennessey Street Reconstruction
  • Culvert Replacement – various locations
  • W.I.F.T. Concrete slab repairs
  • Valentine Avenue Reconstruction (Tena Avenue to Fechler Avenue)
  • Repairs to Airport Road
  • North East Wonwondah Road Construction
  • Dadswells Bridge/Wonwondah
  • Mathoura street Reconstruction – Banool Street to Kooyong Street
  • Drainage maintenance – various locations around Horsham
  • Wimmera River Pedestrian Bridge
  • Shoulder Re sheet – Lake Avenue – Natimuk


The following are Horsham subdivisional streets that are being constructed by private developers, and in the near future will become publically accessible –

  • 54 Golf Course Road Subdivision, Horsham; 17 Lot subdivision through to Plumpton Road
  • Water Links Estate, Stage 4 & 5
  • Southbank – Stage 11 continuation of McLean Drive and Seater Close.




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