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To download the Horsham Community Plan, please click here.

The Horsham Community Plan was created by the community for community action within Horsham. This plan is focused on the urban area of Horsham. Members of the community are encouraged to participate. The process takes positives about Horsham as the basis for devising an action plan for the community and then identifying goals that enhance the good things within our community or fill gaps within current assets and strengths.

The objectives of the plan are: create a positive plan for community action within the city; get the community involved in making actions happen; help create a greater sense of community in Horsham; have an inclusive process.

Three community events were held at which the community identified goals that they thought would enhance our community. At each event people were asked to think of ideas in relation to business, sport and recreation, environment, health and culture. Community members were then given the opportunity to vote on what they thought were the most important priorities. The Steering Committee has met to analyse the results of the workshops and to identify those actions which received the most votes. These have formed the basis of action groups who will make things happen to enhance our city.

The priorities for community action are:

  • Enhance characteristics and facilities along the Wimmera River
  • Generate active participation in total health and wellbeing
  • Develop a multi-purpose sports facility in Horsham, including indoor sports facilities
  • Develop art spaces in Horsham
  • Improve and extend bike and walking tracks
  • Create new festivals and events and enhance existing ones
  • Improve promotion with a tourism focus (with Recreation Vehicle awareness)
  • Promote and develop accessible and improved transport
  • Lobby for and support improved medical services and facilities
  • Create music in the street
  • Engage in education advocacy- for improved facilities at all levels
  • Develop and improve playgrounds in Horsham

A Community Action Plan has now been created. The plan contains a prioritised list of actions that the community will undertake. People who want to be involved in making actions happen by joining an action team can contact Martin Bride on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 03 5382 9759. The full list of ideas suggested by the community (excluding those above and those that weren't linked directly to Horsham) is contained within the Community Plan.