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Draft Wartook Valley Strategy

Council has prepared the draft Wartook Valley Strategy. The strategy is to guide the future use and development of land in the Wartook Valley area, taking into consideration the significant landscape values and intrinsic environmental values of the area, and the current and future use and development of land in the area. The draft Wartook Valley Strategy can be found online - see below 
A drop in session was held at the Laharum Hall, Tuesday the 12th of April for interested people to attend. Members of the Wartook Valley Working Group were available to answer questions.
For further information on this project, or to discuss any aspect of the Draft Wartook Valley Strategy Working Group's output, please contact Matt Gould, Economic & Business Development Manager on 53829783. 

Part 1 & 2 Wartook Strategy

Part 3 Wartook Strategy (Implementation Plan)

Design Guidelines 

The Wartook Valley area is an area of high landscape, environmental and rural values, which have combined to make the area an attractive place to live, work and recreate. Located adjacent to the Grampians National Park and Wartook State Forest, and within close proximity to numerous other state parks such as the Black Range State Park, the area contains areas of significant ecological and landscape values. 

The Working Group has recommended the draft strategy to Council for consideration, and Council put it out for consultation and reviewed submissions.

22 May 2015 - Media Release - Councik seeks feedback on Wartook Valley Strategy- closing date for submissions was Friday 29 April 2016.

WARTOOK VALLEY STRATEGY - Draft Vision, Principles, Objectives and Strategies - closing date for comments was Tuesday 23 June 2015.


Meeting Minutes 1  - 10 February 2015

Meeting Minutes 2  - 17 March 2015 

Meeting Minutes 3 - 14 April 2015

Meeting Minutes 4 - 19 May 2015

Meeting Minutes 5 - 7 July 2015

Meeting Minutes 6 - 10 November 2015 - FINAL MEETING 

July 2015 Consultation Summary

Wartook to Zumsteins Cycling/Walking Trail Bulletin

Development within Wartook is both dispersed and centralised with areas of rural residential development located off Roses Gap Road, Snells Road and Northern Grampians Road. These rural residential developments are interspersed with farming, intensive agriculture (olives, wild flowers) and tourism uses (holiday parks, pottery centres). Part of the area is also a declared water supply catchment.

With such diverse and potentially contradictory use and development pressures, a need for planning scheme controls that provide much greater levels of guidance for the area are required so as to ensure potential land use conflicts are resolved in a way that ensure the ongoing use and development of the area for its preferred purposes in a manner that does not detract from the high environmental and landscape values present in the area.

The Grampians Surround Strategy considered the entire area surrounding the Grampians National Park, and involved all 8 Shires that surrounded the Grampians at that time. By its own admission, that strategy considered a number of different areas that had little in common with each other with a view to creating consistent planning controls.

Since this time, Councils have been amalgamated, the Victorian Planning Provisions (VPPs) have been introduced, and the Farming Zone applied to much of the area. The cumulative effect of these changes has led to confusion and contradiction in planning scheme controls.

With the introduction of the Farming zone several years ago, the area has been under the influence of several discordant planning controls, with the Wartook Tourist Area policy in Clause 22.05 of the Horsham Planning Scheme seeking to encourage the establishment of small scale environmentally sensitive tourist related developments in the vicinity of the Grampians National Park, whilst the Farming zone seeks to restrict such development in an attempt to protect land for agricultural activities. In addition to this, the Farm Zone also allows for subdivision within the Wartook Valley to create lots as small as 16ha, which has precipitated wide spread rural living residential development.

Numerous Planning Scheme Overlays also apply to the study area, each of which has implications for new development.

The future direction for the Wartook Valley must reconcile differing opinions on the need to:

  • Protect the National Park and the most appropriate method to do so;
  • Apply more conservation focused planning controls;
  • Allow for greater tourism activity associated with the area; and
  • Protect and retain farming land and other agricultural uses in the area.

It is considered that this outcome can be achieved and Planning Scheme controls put in place to guide future use and development of land. These controls may include, but not be limited to the following items: -

  • A range of zones to guide the use of land
  • A range of overlays to protect environmental and scenic values
  • A range of policies and overlays that identify the type and form of future development that will be facilitated in the study area.
  • A range of overlays and other policy guidance to ensure new buildings and works add value to the environmental and landscape values of the area.


Current Submissions


Feedback is always welecomed and can be forwarded to Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

All feedback received will be forwarded to the Wartook Valley Strategy Working Group for consideration.