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Wartook Valley Strategy


Horsham Rural City Council has adopted the Wartook Valley Strategy.  The strategy will guide future use and development of land in the Wartook Valley area, taking into consideration the significant landscape values and intrinsic environmental values of the area, and the current and future use and development of land in the area. The Wartook Valley Strategy can be found online - see below.


Adopted Wartook Valley Strategy 


The Wartook Valley area is an area of high landscape, environmental and rural values, which have combined to make the area an attractive place to live, work and recreate. Located adjacent to the Grampians National Park and Wartook State Forest, and within close proximity to numerous other state parks such as the Black Range State Park, the area contains areas of significant ecological and landscape values.


The Minutes of the 18 September Council meeting where the Wartook Valley Strategy was adopted can be found by following the link below:
Minutes - 18 September 2017


The next step in the process will be for an amendment to the Horsham Planning Scheme to introduce the various Planning Scheme controls recommended in the adopted strategy.  It is likely that this amendment will occur in 2018.


The Planning Scheme Amendment will be widely advertised, including notification to all landowners in the area.  There will be a further opportunity to lodge and present submissions which will be considered by Council, with the potential for a hearing before an independent Panel appointed by the Minister for Planning if matters raised in submissions are not able to be resolved.


The Planning Scheme Amendment process could take up to 18 months to complete.


Any enquiries can be directed to Lauren Coman, Manager Regulatory Services on 53 829 728.


Links to earlier drafts of the strategy and other background material ca be found at the following links.


Draft Part 1 & 2 Wartook Strategy

Draft Part 3 Wartook Strategy (Implementation Plan)

Draft Design Guidelines 



22 May 2015 - Media Release - Council seeks feedback on Wartook Valley Strategy- closing date for submissions was Friday 29 April 2016.


WARTOOK VALLEY STRATEGY - Draft Vision, Principles, Objectives and Strategies - closing date for comments was Tuesday 23 June 2015.


Meeting Minutes 1  - 10 February 2015

Meeting Minutes 2  - 17 March 2015 

Meeting Minutes 3 - 14 April 2015

Meeting Minutes 4 - 19 May 2015

Meeting Minutes 5 - 7 July 2015

Meeting Minutes 6 - 10 November 2015 - FINAL MEETING 

July 2015 Consultation Summary

Wartook to Zumsteins Cycling/Walking Trail Bulletin

Previous Submissions


Feedback is always welecomed and can be forwarded to Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.