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In the fight against smoking the State Government has implemented the Victorian Tobacco Control Strategy 2008–2013 in the hope of eradicating smoking, one of the leading causes of cancer in Australia.


Tobacco Retailers

retailers selling tobacco are banned from displaying tobacco products. Tobacco products cannot be visible from anywhere inside or outside a retail outlet. Tobacco products are also banned from being displayed on vending machines.

Additional information:

Tobacco Retailers

Certified Specialist Tobacconist

Smoke free dining and workplaces

Smoking is prohibited in most enclosed workplaces, including licensed premises. Having a smoke-free workplace is one of the best things you can do for the health of your employees. What's good for the health of your employees is also good for business!

Outdoor areas

Smoking is permitted in outdoor dining or drinking areas unless the area has a roof in place and walls that cover more than 75% of the total notional wall area.

Outdoor dining or drinking areas include the following places if predominantly used for the consumption of food and/or drinks:

  • a balcony or veranda;
  • a courtyard;
  • a rooftop;
  • a marquee;
  • a street or footpath; and
  • any similar outdoor area

This applies to any outdoor dining or drinking area, such as those attached to restaurants, cafes, licensed premises and other workplaces.

Smoke-free Childrens Recreational Areas

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The Council's Environmental Health Officer is responsible for ensuring that all premises within our municipality are compliant with the new tobacco laws. The EHO also offers advice and assistance on all tobacco and smoking related issues and responds to all tobacco related complaints.

Additionally, annual inspections of all tobacco retailers and licensed premises with outdoor dining/drinking areas are assessed for compliance under the Tobacco Act 1987.