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Council's Environmental Health Officer investigates a variety of complaints from members of the public.

The types of complaints the Environmental Health Officer can investigate are:

  • noise, odour, Pests
  • asbestos
  • smoking in enclosed workplaces
  • Environmental contamination.
  • Food handling or food poisoning

The Environmental Health Officer can only investigate complaints that are or are liable to be a public health risk or where there is non-compliance with legislation.


How Can I Make a Complaint?

When a member of the community wishes to express dissatisfaction with a service they should clearly state that they "wish to complain" or "make a complaint".

Preferably, members of the community wishing to make a complaint should do so in writing. This will assist Council in comprehensively responding to your complaint.

To assist Council please provide details of:

  • relevant dates and times
  • a description of the incident or problem
  • any conversations and meetings you have had with involved parties
  • copies of relevant letters
  • an outline of the actions you would like taken in response to your complaint
  • any further information you think important

Council will also accept and respond to complaints lodged over the telephone or at its offices during normal working hours. Please note that Council cannot deal with complaints under these particular guidelines if made anonymously.

How will I be treated if I make a complaint?

Council values feedback from the community on its performance, including complaints. Council staff will assist you where necessary in lodging your complaint. Please recognise that an immediate response may not be possible and that Council staff may require further detail or clarification from you. At all times, Council staff will treat you in a respectful and professional manner. Please extend the same courtesy to our employees.

Contact Council on 03 5382 9777.