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festival Image Credit: Melissa Powell


The Horsham region is renowned for its dynamic arts community, there is always something exciting happening. You will find unusual festivals, musical performances, a superb art gallery, excellent theatre and many vibrant arts workshops.

If you are looking at planning an event, then you must complete an Event Notification Form.

Event Notification Form (pdf)

The form is required to be completed if you are planning or organising an event in the Horsham Rural City Council municipality.

Tourism Events & Festivals Marketing Funding

Horsham Rural City Council offers sponsorship to assist the marketing of community events, festivals and other projects. Applications are assessed by the Tourism Advisory Committee which is made up of skilled based people from industry, community and Council. This body is accountable to Horsham Rural City Council for the expenditure of funds.

The Horsham Rural City Council may provide the following support to an event:
Matched sponsorship is provided on a dollar for dollar basis to cover costs associated with the marketing of an event, outside the region defined as being the Horsham Rural City Council municipality;
Assistance with the preparation and presentation of formal bid documents;
Support in determining appropriate venues and negotiating venue use;
Assistance in marketing the event through media channels including Council’s website;

Supply of marketing material such as local visitor guides;
Assistance in obtaining other public sector funding;
Other support as may be necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.

The funding guidelines (pdf)

To apply for Tourism Events & Festivals Funding please complete the application form.

Tourism Events & Festivals Funding Application (pdf)