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Horsham Rural City Council is committed to supporting and working with communities and a key way that this will occur is by facilitating the development of community plans. The planning process assists communities to identify the character and value of their community and then determine a vision for the future for their community. The plan will provide a framework for future action within the community and will form the basis to initiate actions and where necessary seek funding & resources. The Community Action Plan provides a basis for the community to co-ordinate various development plans and can be used as a basis to present the communities vision to various levels of government and other agencies. Community Plans are attached below.

More information about our towns and municipality.  

Hosham Rural City is home to wonderful and active rural towns, including:

Dadswells Bridge is a small active community centred around the settlement on the Western Highway near Mt William Creek but also extending into the rural areas to the north and to the south to Roses Gap. The population is approximately 250 in the broader catchment of Dadswells Bridge. In Dadswells Bridge there are a number of businesses including the Giant Koala and Cafe, Dadswells Bridge Motel Hotel, Graze Café/Deli and Namaskaar Indian Restaurant, the Dadswells Bridge Post Office (located in the Motel), Grampians Edge Caravan Park, Deutschers Turkey Farm and Sales, Brad Engineering and the Roses Gap Recreation Centre.  In the area around Dadswells Bridge there are a number of accommodation facilities including Old Dadswell Town and Orchid Lane Bed and Breakfast. The Dadswells Bridge Public Hall, founded in 1905, and public tennis courts are also located in the central area. The area surrounding Dadswells Bridge is farming land with grazing, stud cattle, sheep and some cropping being the dominant land uses.  Smaller enterprises such as olive farms and cut flower businesses occur in the area to the west.

Natimuk - Natimuk has a population of about 500 people and is over 125 years old, with many historic buildings gracing Main Street. It is situated half-way between Melbourne and Adelaide, 25 kilometres west of Horsham, 8 kilometres east of Mount Arapiles and south of the Little Desert National Park.

Set in the western part of the Horsham Rural City, in the heart of the Wimmera Region, Victoria, Australia, Natimuk was once the largest town in the district.  There were over seventy shops and industries, including a flour mill and steel foundry, and it was one of the first Victorian towns to have its own electricity supply in 1927.

Today, Natimuk is a mecca for rock-climbers, but the town has retained its original character.  Visitors are most welcome in Natimuk and encouraged to stay a while and enjoy the many sights and activities of the friendly district.

Jung is a small country town, located in the Wimmera Region, 300km's north west of Melbourne, along the Western Highway, Henty Highway and Wimmera Highway. Horsham, centrally located in the Wimmera, is the main regional city with a population of 15,000 and is 21km's south east of Jung.Jung has a small community of approximately 100 residents, who are committed to keeping the town alive and vibrant. The town has a Fire Station, a Town Hall, and a Cemetery situated on Greenhills Road, just north of town. There is also the popular monthly Jung Market, which has been operating for over twenty years, on the recreation reserve by the Yarriambiack Creek.

Laharum/Wartook  is situated on the north-western edge of the Grampians and includes the Laharum, Wartook and Brimpaen areas. The population is approximately 350 people. The area is made up of a mix of people of different backgrounds, professions and time that they have lived here. The community includes fifth generation farming families; people who grew up here, moved away and returned; retirees; and people attracted to the area because of the Grampians and other environmental features that provide the opportunity to live a sustainable lifestyle. The community is strengthened by weekly sports events, the twice yearly community market, art and craft workshops at the Wartook Pottery, yoga in the Laharum Hall, community carols and the Laharum School concert, the over-sixties luncheon, festivals and lots more. The Grampians National Park is a major feature of the area providing a stunning visual backdrop. For many residents the Grampians and its surrounding bush are the major attraction to the area and lead to a strong environmental and conservation ethic within the community. The Grampians National Park also plays an important economic role attracting tourists to the area. MacKenzie Falls, Lake Wartook, Zumsteins, the Asses Ears, the Mt Difficult Range, Mt Stapylton and Mt Zero are some of the nearby major features.