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World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day – June 15

Elder abuse is an issue in our community and can have a significant impact on the life of an older person experiencing abuse. Older people have a right to live their lives safely and free from harm.

Abuse can take many forms including physical, financial and emotional abuse. Steps can be taken to safeguard the rights and assets of an older person who may be under pressure to make a decision against their wishes by people close to them. You may know of someone in this situation but are unsure of what you can do to assist. 

Resources developed by the Victorian Government can help an older person to assert their rights and protect their assets. Seniors Rights Victoria is the agency to contact. You can call 1300 368 821 if you suspect elder abuse is occurring or if you may be directly affected. Resources can also be found on the SRV website at www.seniorsrights.org.au